First Day Surprise: Sophia the First Talking Friends Doll

I am a Mattel Disney toy insider and received a sample product for review purposes.

It was my daughter’s first day of school this week. Both the first and last day we have a “celebration” with fanfare, surprises and lots of dancing. Her first day surprise this year was a  Sophia the First Talking Friends Doll. At one time, I was slightly anti-princess.

sophia the first doll

It’s hard to imagine now. Dresses, shows, toys…we’re as “Disney Princes”s as a family could be. Every birthday of my daughter’s has been a princess theme–from Tangled this summer to Ariel and Tiana for past birthdays.  Before kids, I had all kinds of pre-conceived ideas about I would raise a daughter, and though I’ve always been an uber-Disney fan, emulating someone whose sole purpose in life was to marry a price was not my idea of an ideal lesson.

Times have changed, and Disney Princesses have evolved. Sophia the First, the newest and only little-girl princess, shares pretty dresses with her counterparts, but unlike Aurora who (poor thing, she was sleeping for much of the film so I shouldn’t poke fun) Sophia really does teach lessons. In one episode, her brother James broke a castle window and Sohpia covered for him. We learn she made the wrong choice and that telling the truth is always important. My children refer to this episode and reference how “Sophia should have told her mom about the window.” It’s an absolutely adorable show, and the Sophia the First Talking Friends Doll is a direct extension of it. She tells us how much she loves her animal friends and opens the possibility of discussions about  honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion, and grace. These are all traits Sophia viewers know are reflected in various episodes where we learn Sophia is not always perfect but instead learns lessons along with the viewer.

It was a prefect first day “surprise” as we talked the night before about courage. I said, “Remember Sophia was afraid of the Trolls but they turned out to be nice? Sometimes things can seems scary, like going to be or the first day of school, but we end up being just fine and even liking them a lot!”

You can purchase Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends  through our Amazon affiliate link for for $32.88 ($39.99 list price).  And watch out for a brand new 5-episode DVD  Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess will be released this month, and you can watch Sofia the First airs on Friday mornings at 9:30 am EST on Disney Junior and Disney Channel.


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